How to Jump a Car Battery

There's nothing more annoying than a dead car battery, but luckily, if you know how to handle the situation, you can remedy it quickly. Our team at DeLong Ford is here to walk you through the steps of how to jump a car battery, so you can get your engine started and get back on the roads of Dwight, Streator, and Morris.

Gather Your Equipment

There's just two things that you need to jump your car battery. First, you'll need a good set of jumper cables. It's a good idea to keep some stored in the trunk of your vehicle so that you always have them on hand when you or someone else needs them. You'll also need a working vehicle to give you the jump, so reach out to a friend or coworker for assistance.

How to Jump a Car Battery

Now, let's walk through the steps you'll need to take to jump your car battery safely and get your engine started.

  1. Turn Off the Engine

Begin making sure that the vehicles are close together, facing one another or side by side, but not touching. Then turn off the engines of both vehicles and place the cars in park, as well as turning on the parking brake to make sure that the cars stay safely in place while you work. Remove the keys from the ignition of both vehicles.

  1. Positive to Positive

Grab one of the red clips on your jumper cables and securely clip it onto the positive (+) terminal of the dead battery. Then, attach the other red clip onto the positive terminal of the working car.

  1. Negative

Clip one of the black clips onto the negative (-) terminal of the working car's battery.

  1. Attach to the Engine Block 

Clip the remaining black clip onto a metallic, unpainted part of the dead car. Do not attach this clip to the negative terminal of the dead battery! Choose something such as a clean nut on the engine block to ensure a safe jump.

  1. Start the Working Engine

Now, turn on the working vehicle's engine and let the car run for several minutes, especially if the dead battery is old or if it's been a few days since it died.

  1. Start the Dead Car! 

It's time to get your car up and running! Switch on the ignition and see if you can get the engine started. If you're having trouble, you can let the working car run for a few more minutes, or slightly rev the engine of the working car while you turn the key in the dead car.

  1. Disconnect the Cables

Once you've gotten the dead car's engine started, you can disconnect the jumper cables! Begin with the negative clamps and be sure not to let them touch one another until the cables are fully disconnected from both cars. Once you remove the positive clamps, you're ready to go!

Schedule Auto Service

Drive the newly restored car around and let the engine run for at least 15-30 minutes to get the battery charged up, so that the battery won't die again when you switch the car off.

Think your battery is old enough to need a full replacement or need other auto services? Contact DeLong Ford to schedule a service appointment and make sure your car is in great condition for all of your drives around Dwight, Streator, and Morris.

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